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Making of Water Level Station

Since the spring of 2013 I am working on most complex hardware & software solution I have ever designed and built myself. The undertaking is challenging as I am dealing with complete life-cycle of solution from electronic, mechanic and software … Continue reading

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FreeRouter for KiCad working in offline

KiCad has some built-in auto routing capabilities for laying out PCB wires. More advanced version, online auto-router from, can cooperate with KiCad and gives better results.  FreeRouter however does not work in offline even after copying Java Web Start resources to … Continue reading

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FreeRTOS on Atmega8?

How to compile FreeRTOS real-time operating system on 8-bit AVR microcontroller Atmega8? It is not supported out of the box as well as google hardly helps with that issue. I did some experiments and understood why people are not doing … Continue reading

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Apple Messages failing to login to Google Talk

So you may want to synchronize your iChat/iMessage/Messages with Google Talk on your beloved device while the application insists on wrong password even though you double- (or even triple-) checked it is in order. Log review brings cryptic error like: … Continue reading

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ownCloud unsharing plugin

While reviewing ownCloud features, to get better view on its pros and cons, I realized that sharing feature has one serious drawback. To share a file or a folder you hover over it, click “share” and configure all details. The … Continue reading

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How much cloud in the ownCloud?

Saying cloud we think Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or similar. They are more or less cloud storages with extra services operating of stored data like web photo albums, in-browser document viewers, sharing data options and so on. Cloud storage in short … Continue reading

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Dojo offline documentation

Those who work with Java Script know, that Dojo Toolkit is not perceived as ideal library. Followers claim it addresses missing “enterprise” features along with mobile support and breadth palette of UI widgets, opponents discredit such viewpoint nailing down many … Continue reading

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One wireless device to rule them all

Staying at the hotels too much, sometimes I am facing penny-pitching network policies like “pay for each device separately” or having just a cable network. With the advent of smartphones and tablets such policy is smart move as we think … Continue reading

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Mini-ITX home server – part two, software

In the late stage of hardware planning of new server I assumed software RAID1 support. Since this was my first time to play with disk array I reduced number of variables to minimum and have chosen Ubuntu Linux as server … Continue reading

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Beware chinese USB adapters

Some time ago I bought miniUSB-microUSB adapter for pennies to avoid collecting more and more USB cables. I have used it for USB power adapter with miniUSB plug to charge my HTC Desire with microUSB. To my surprise couple days … Continue reading

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