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Coach validation errors in one place

Imagine you want to see all IBM BPM coach validation errors in one place. By default after validation phase you need to find all invalidated widgets one by one, changing tab or opening accordions, and so on. Coach framework does … Continue reading

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Chinese LED bulbs fail

Some time ago I have replaced most of light bulbs with LED bulbs. Typically these imported directly from China were significanlty cheaper so that I gave them a try. LED diodes can work thousands of hours without an issue, right? … Continue reading

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Stinging Mac

For a long time I was ignoring that tingling feeling where my forearm was touching Macbook while typing on second laptop. Sensation that was sometimes closer to stinging, as if tiny hair was pulled of my skin. It happen at home, in the office, just … Continue reading

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Magic smoke out of fridge

When fridge got me popping sound and display turned black, I realized that 10 years old Whirlpool went out of service. My “damn it” comment was quickly followed by my wife: “You are going abroad next week! What we do now?”.  Considering subtle smell … Continue reading

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Trap in BPM new event handler editor

Early 2017 cumulative fix for IBM BPM 8.5.7 brought new section in properties for coach views configuration – events tab. This looks like a wink at SPARK toolkit being integrated with BPM product. SPARK introduced nice concept of configuration options … Continue reading

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Like father like son

It is easy to notice that for last ten months I was away from my blog. There is a growing reason for it: my little fellow. For first few months after birth of Jackie I could split time between family, … Continue reading

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Intercepting Boundary Events in Coach View

Boundary Event is core concept of UI technology in IBM BPM: any visual element (coach view) of screen (coach) can fire such event moving control from current screen to some other place, crossing “screen boundary“. In fact Boundary Event is the only … Continue reading

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Custom container with SPARK UI toolkit

Salientprocess acquisition by IBM will make SPARK toolkit core part of IBM BPM in future release. SPARK introduces some nice new concepts, one of it is addressing that keeps SPARK containers invisible. Its public API promises to make your own … Continue reading

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WebPD JS editor hack

IBM BPM Process Designer started migration from desktop to pure web client long time ago. While lightweight tools are enablers for everything in cloud game, it is shame how productivity is ignored. For several releases IBM has not corrected even such fundamental feature … Continue reading

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Connecting Hermes JMS to WAS 8.5.x over SSL

Hermes JMS client documentation lacks of how to connect to Websphere Application Server (WAS) messaging. Most googled receipts with Websphere keyword refer to MQ. While it is possible to expose WAS internal service integration bus (SIB) as MQ link, I failed … Continue reading

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