Is skating season 2011 opened?

Usually in March we have here snow mud, gray sky and temperatures below zero. It means no skating outside. Well… fluctuation of climate changes what is usual. For last couple days we have almost spring here: +15 degrees celsius, dry ground and sunny sky. I could not resist jumping into skate boots even though there is a lot of dust. Pahtwalks are still very sandy but I took up a challange and on last Saturday I did first freeride through the old town. Without good condition I was tired but happy. Yesterday I got to my slalom training place which is cleaner because it is private property. I swept off dirt with brush, set up line of cones and … recalled that is is beginning of season 🙂 Less power in legs I already notices, but I also forgotten the initial moves for advanced trics. Fortunatelly memory of movements is bless; with help of movies recorded on cellphone it took me one hour to recall and get up to speed. This evening I am going to get there too. I am in a hurry, forecast is about weather breakdown in day or two, cold temperatures, rain with snow and other stoppers.

The Sun of March
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