City of pissing boy

Try to picture yourself a little boy keeping his willie and pissing. Now make it either a sculpture, or chocolate figure, or a charm or key ring. Or a corkscrew with boy figure as handle and a spiral in place of his willie… looks nasty but actually it is just a part of what Brussels is proud of. Visiting Brussels after Dubai was like going to Warsaw. Both places are nondescript for me, cities like many others european cities, places just to simply pass-through.

Rush hours in the city is nightmare. Even for suburbs and ring road. Twice a day I had to spent 30-40 minutes in taxi riding just 12km distance. Paying 40-50 euro for this doubtful pleasure was another reason to be disgusted.

Narrow streets of city center offer tens of restaurants one next to each other. Piece of advice, find one aside, do not be fooled by crowdy restaurants: they serve same quality food for doubled price. The exception could be the Leon, jam-packed restaurant with reputation; I did not stay there however, due to luxury prices (I can spend 50PLN for an experimental dish but I am reluctant to spend 50EUR which is almost 5 times more).

Just to be fair, let me tell you what was good – Belgium dark beer and chocolate. In both cases there is plenty of brands, flavors and shops to buy and try. I got my beers in local places while chocolate I brought with me. Over 1.5kg of chocolates, pralines and truffles, made happy me and my relatives.

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